Weight Gain During Period

Weight Gain During PeriodWomen of child bearing age have additional challenges when they are on a weight-loss program. This 3-5 day period of menstruation brings with it some unique problems – period weight gain.

To address the problem it is important to remember that weight loss overall will happen if you stick to your weight loss program. The word that matters here is OVERALL, because monthly bloating and weight gain is temporary.

1. Period Weight Gain

Period Weight Gain
Are you a woman who is of childbearing age? Do you have questions concerning period weight gain? If you are trying to lose weight, weight gain during your period is a relevant concern for you. The 3-5 day time period of menstruation presents some unique problems as you are losing weight. Your goals should remain the same, that is, overall weight loss. The temporary weight gain during your menstrual cycle is, however, a real challenge.

Understanding the overall picture is important. Most women do find that weight gain during their menstrual cycle is a fact of life. The weight variation is normal. However, too much bloating and cramps during period can be a problem. See a physician or medical professional for these related problems.

Most women experience temporary weight gain during their monthly period. It is basically water weight and an increased blood supply. Leaks on heavy days are also common problem. Some women find it better to gently exercise or rest on heavy days.

Drinking Herbal Tea
Drinking Herbal Tea
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Thirdly, mild to moderate cramps are very common. To reduce cramps you can hydrate, and exercise gently.

Medications are available to mediate cramps and bloating from water weight. Finally, it is very important to eat a good, healthy diet all the time. Women often eat to feel better emotionally during their premenstrual cycle.

Hormones are very powerful biologically, so use calming agents such as lavender as well as other herbs for aromatherapy, drink herbal teas for balance, and practice meditation or prayer. These are all excellent ways to achieve emotional stability instead of the turbulence many women suffer.

Weight gain during a woman’s period may present an issue, but there are ways to alleviate symptoms or at least minimize them.

2. Period Blood

Period Blood

There is actual blood flow. This presents a problem due to leaks during activity (especially on heavy days). Thankfully, there are a variety of products to absorb the flow. However, some women just can’t overcome this problem and must rest on these days.

3. Cramps During Period

Cramps During Period
Cramps During Period: Reduce Cramps Naturally

If you move around more you reduce the third problem – cramps during period. Exercise does reduce cramping, so go right ahead and keep up with exercises. You can take pain reducing medications that target menstrual cramps and bloating as well. Drinking water for hydration decreases cramping during period and reduces hunger.

4. What to Eat on Your Period

What to Eat on Your Period
What to Eat on Your Period: Beyonce eating an apple!

Some women eat more during their monthlies. It may be that their emotions motivate you to eat, so eat healthy and exercise to get endorphins going. When you’ve got one of those cravings for sweets or junk food chocolate is great, but only extra dark or bitter in small quantities. Popcorn (without butter) is also great for snacking. Have a frozen yogurt or fresh fruit cup!

Finally, make sure it’s okay with your doctor before starting and diet/exercise program. Also make sure your experience is medically normal. Ask your doctor about your particular issues.

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